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Goals of Rehabilitation Clinical Care


Despite the challenges and difficulties, it is in our nature to aim for something better. When a loved one expresses their desire to achieve successful health outcomes, you have a well-designed care plan available at home. With our comprehensive Skilled Nursing in Pennsylvania, we help our patients recover, keep, or improve their capacity to perform activities of daily living.

Rehabilitation clinical care covers a diverse range of clinical activities such as treatment and interventions all designed to support the patient’s progress towards better health outcomes. We are with you every step of the care journey. We provide guidance starting from needs assessment, goal setting, treatment planning, and through the execution of services.

Clients can choose between our two capacities. If a patient requires ongoing or high-level care, we have our ongoing nursing care accessible for 2 hours to the whole day. Chronically-ill patients often require this level of support. Pediatric patients and high-risk adults can stay in their homes as they qualify for shift-work nursing care.

Our intermittent visit care is designed for patients who have recently been discharged or have experienced a change in condition. Patients of this care can also opt for ongoing medication administration, management, and oversight.

Daily Dove Care continues to provide individualized Home Health Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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