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Ask Us: What Could Be Causing My Elderly’s Poor Appetite?


We all lose appetite and skip meals or do not eat properly every now and then, but we usually recover from its negative effects quite easily.

Unlike us, however, our senior loved ones are more likely to take a longer time to recover after a few missed meals. Thus, it is crucial that this is addressed as soon as possible. But you must know what is causing this loss of appetite in the first place.

As a provider of skilled nursing in Pennsylvania, let us at Daily Dove Care list down the most common but less-known reasons for this:

  • Dehydration
    Dehydration can result in appetite loss. Make sure your senior loved one has good drinking habits to avoid getting dehydrated.
  • Inability to make their own meals
    Whether moving has been difficult for our seniors or for some other reason, not being able to make their own meals can encourage them to pick instant foods instead. Fortunately, this can easily be remedied by having a direct care worker attend to their daily needs.
  • Decline in the five senses
    Aging comes with natural physiological changes such as less sensitive senses of smell, taste, and touch. This may result in them not tasting or smelling their food as much as before, discouraging them from eating enough.
  • No fixed mealtime
    Our feelings of hunger respond to our daily routine. When meals are taken around the same time every day, our seniors are also able to help their body get ready at those times, too, helping their appetite to follow through.

As providers of home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, nutrition is among our number one priority. Need help ensuring your senior loved one gets the nutrition he or she needs? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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