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The Role of Home Health in Post-surgery Recovery


Often, people get complacent once they get discharged from the hospital. Never think that it is a waste of time and money to seek the services of a direct care worker to recover more quickly. Availing the benefits of home health providers is recommended to ensure your long-term recovery from surgery.

Post-surgery recovery is just one of the many services that home health professionals provide. Rest assured, they will thoroughly monitor the numerous factors that determine the success of recovery. One role of home health in post-surgery recovery is facilitating proper wound healing. They must take care of surgical incisions to prevent complications and infections.

Skilled nursing in Pennsylvania also plays an active function in the speedy recovery of surgical incisions by administering medications. These medicines help fight off bacterial infections and reduce the pain caused by the wound. Home health nurses ensure the patient takes the drugs following the primary physician’s instructions.

Home health care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is also responsible for recovering patients moving around to prevent muscle atrophy and deep vein thrombosis. Such activities that require mobility assistance are light exercises, ambulation, and transfers. Physical therapists also coordinate with physicians and nurses to rehabilitate the patient.

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